October 2014

Ryder Cup 2014The last couple of months have flown by. The new series of Game Changers is up and running and we have so many projects planned for it. We have a Super School Challenge, which any school in the country can enter, various master classes from sporting super stars and world class athletes in the studio every week. For all the details and info on the show go to www.skysports.com/gamechangers for all the details.

Ryder Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony
Ryder Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony
Ryder Cup 2014
Interviewing Tom Watson during Opening Ceremony

Reflecting on the Ryder Cup, what an incredible week. I had the privilege of hosting the opening and closing ceremonies from Gleneagles, which I absolutely loved. What a fantastic display of golf and what an atmosphere. Walking out on to both stages was incredible. Rather a big stage too, it took a while to get to the podium on the first day! The sea of people in front of me with their vibrant energy seemed endless. The Scots are so passionate about golf and were certainly in good voice on both occasions. There were moments to pause to allow the singing to continue, especially when the crowd broke out with ‘There’s only one Tom Watson’ during the Closing Ceremony on Sunday. Huge delight for everyone on stage.

Ryder Cup 2014
Interviewing Paul McGinley
Behind the scenes – Ryder Cup 2014

There are moments on stage when not everything goes according to plan. One such occasion was dismissing the pipe band during the Opening. They performed outstandingly and were enjoying the moment so much that cues were forgotten. ‘Can the pipe band please now leave the stage,’ were the words I used I think, said will softness and cheekiness I hope! This was followed by smiles all round, including one from Ken the leader of his incredible pipers! You need those kind of light-hearted moments, they often make everyone breathe for a second and inspire the rest of the presentation.

A great week followed by another fabulous week at the Dunhill Links Championship at St Andrews. My husband was playing so it was an absolute joy to walk round Kingsbarns and Carnoustie in the glorious sunshine. I played in the event in 2003 and 2007, so I was reliving every shot! Some shots I was trying to forget. My husband had a really productive week and played some wonderful golf.

We stay in a house in the middle of St Andrews every year, which is brilliant. It’s a week to catch up with old friends and visit the Jigger next to the Old Course Hotel. Literally the best pub on the planet, made even more welcoming by the land lady Antoinette. The Home of Golf for me really is one of the most magical places I have ever been, full of history and golfing enthusiasts. It’s difficult to leave to head back to London. Once again this year I recreated the Chariots of Fire run on the beach! Not quite as quick I might add.

Sky Academy

The beginning of September was also incredibly rewarding. I was part of the Sky Academy Sports Scholarship Anniversary. If you aren’t aware of Sky’s brilliant work at sponsoring twelve up and coming successful athletes, please check out the link below: http://www1.skysports.com/scholarships/about

Sky Academy
Sky Academy

The day involved interviewing various scholars with their athlete mentors. I am mentoring paralympic sprinter and long jumper Olivia Breen. She is a dream and so full of passion, drive and determination. Check out her achievements here: http://www1.skysports.com/scholarships/athletes/olivia-breen

Sky Academy interviewing Sir Chris Hoy
Interviewing Sir Chris Hoy

I was also lucky enough to interview Sir Chris Hoy, who was certainly an inspiration to all the youngsters who attended the day at Sky Sports HQ. His stories were brilliant and he explained how important hard work and belief are, as well as having great support behind you. One slightly awkward moment with Sir Chris, he went for the two kiss greet when he jumped on stage, I went for the one, then two.. Awkward timing but we both laughed and said next time let’s stick to two! Thank you for being part of our day Chris, your presence made a huge difference.

Filming again this week for Game Changers and I’m looking forward to hosting a couple of big events in November. Plus we have Ollie Murs on our show on November 15th. I am off to buy his album!

Speak soon